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Driving thought leadership and collaboration for over two-and-half decades, we help members to be truly representative of an industry.


Why you should opt for Membership

Membership Criteria

If you are a company registered in India and are focused on providing IT-BPM products and services, you are eligible to join nasscom in one of the following categories:

  • Regular Members: IT-BPM organisations registered in India with annual revenues from IT-BPM operations exceeding Rs 2 Crore
  • Associate Members: Startup IT-BPM organisations registered in India with annual revenues from IT-BPM not exceeding Rs 2 crore.

If you are a company that provides solutions to IT-BPM companies you can join nasscom membership in the following category:

  • Institutional Members: Firms providing support / affiliated services to IT-BPM organisations (for instance, Financial Institutions, Venture Capital Firms, Research Institutions, Infrastructure Providers, Real Estate, and Managements Consultants).
Membership Fee
Annual Subscription Fee

The fee for regular members is based on gross IT-BPM revenues of the previous financial year (See Table below). For start-ups, the annual subscription would be based on the estimated projected turnover of the current financial year.

  • 1

    Companies which have annual revenues in excess of Rs 500 crore annually from IT-BPM products and services. There are 5 sub slabs in this category.

    To calculate your membership fees, Please click here.

  • 2

    Companies which have annual turnover between Rs 50-Rs 500 crore. There are 3 sub-slabs in this category.

    To calculate your membership fees, Please click here.

  • 3

    Companies which have annual turnover between Rs 2-50 crore. There are 3 sub-slabs in this category.

    To calculate your membership fees, Please click here.

  • 4

    Start up IT and IT-enabled Product and Services organization registered in India with annual revenue from IT-BPO not exceeding Rs 2 Crores.

    To calculate your membership fees, Please click here.

  • 5

    Companies which provide solutions / support services to the IT-BPM sector.

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GST @ 18% is applicable on all the above categories. This would be additional over and above the membership subscription charges as mentioned above.

Enrollment Process
7 Day Membership Approval Process
  • Fill the Application Form
  • Calculate Membership Fee
  • Attach the necessary documents
  • Submit Form
  • nasscom will review and approve
  • Pay the applicable fee
  • Enjoy nasscom Membership
Member's Speak

Nasscom has played a key role in crafting InfoBeans journey. Being a member we got benefited with the mentoring sessions that guided us to overcome the challenges a SME would face. The support from nasscom team to get all the IT players and government authorities on one platform to get the Crystal IT park operational was phenomenal. Not to forget the round tables hosted every quarter by nasscom for its members to share best practices and the monthly newsletter which keep us apprise with the key developments and happenings. Thanks to nasscom for creating amazing knowledge sharing and networking platform for its members in central India.

Atul P Agarwal
Apt Software Avenues

Congruent Solutions has been a member of nasscom for the past several years. For us, nasscom has provided us a platform to interact with the industry peers and get tremendous insights from others’ experiences. nasscom has also provided a great forum for our people to take part in their own growth and knowledge enhancement by attending a whole series of seminars and conferences in different areas of technology, process orientation, Meri har product development, HR and infrastructure. It also remains the single biggest source of credible information for us with respect to Government policies and there have been instances where nasscom has helped us with sorting out issues with agencies of the Government.

Balaraman Jayaraman
Co-Founder & President
Congruent Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

We are member of nasscom for several years now. I have seen the transformation of nasscom over the years. Today nasscom has an intense focus on startups, SMEs and Product companies. Membership benefits cannot be measured in any tangible form. Still as per me the major benefits from being a nasscom members are:

  • Brings Credibility and visibility of the company.
  • Huge Networking opportunity with fellow members.
  • Events and Bootcamps providing essential learnings to the member companies.
  • Educating and creating awareness on best practices.
Kamal Agarwala
Founder & CEO
La Exactlly Software Pvt. Ltd.
  • How much time does it take to process the application? Will there be any personal audit or meeting, after document process? What are the criteria wherein application can be rejected?

    It takes 10-15 working days to process the membership. There is a due diligence process, where members from the nasscom secretariat can organize a personal visit or do a telephonic discussion. Membership is not accepted in case documents are found to be incomplete.

  • If the parent company is registered as member then are the subsidiaries considered to be members?

    If the subsidiary company is registered as a separate entity under the Indian Companies Act, 1956, in that case the company would have to register as a member.