Digital India Initiative

A NASSCOM Digital India Task Force has been constituted with the following objectives:
Programs that will help Digital India increase the country’s GDP by 1.4% annually; Bring the best of private sector (IT Industry and other key verticals) and Government together to catalyze the implementation of Digital India; Visible demonstration of how Digital India can help transform 2 areas of priority for the government – Teachers Education and Tourism

Digital India Initiative


A good initiative taken by A NASSCOM Digital India which has aim to help the IT and IT enabled products and services industry in India respectively. And as this program is going to help Digital India growth the country’s GDP by 1.4% yearly by bringing IT sector and Government together to accelerate the execution of Digital India. The students who are looking for an expert who can provide law assignment writing services at Quality Dissertation, they would love to cover such initiative for an example in their digital marketing research.

A lot of discussions have been going on related to the digital India initiative during the last couple of years. I think the most important thing is to make sure that the resources are provided for all. Bringing the best from the IT industry can guarantee the success.    view website     

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